Bulk purchasing.
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From 50 to 50,000 we know what we're talking about.

Bulk buying means a whole lot of different things to a whole lot of people. To a small club it may mean 25 t-shirts, to an events organising company it could be 2500 t-shirts and for a retail outlet it may be 10,000 items. Don't worry about the size of the order as we can help with any size order but obviously the more t-shirts or other style garments you buy the cheaper everything becomes. There are two major reasons for this; firstly we can purchase the plain stock for your order from the garment manufacturers at cheaper prices the more we buy, secondly a large portion of costs are attributed to setup and origination charges to actually get the job underway.

How to keep costs down.

The best thing to do to keep your costs under control is not to go too mad with colours. Obviously sometimes a design dictates the number of colours used but often a bit of thought at the design stage can pay massive dividends when it comes to obtaining the best price possible. Colour is really important because in bulk buying stencil setup and origination charges can work out quite expensive. Spot colour is always better than using blends and tints because often blends need more than the obvious base colours to produce.

The next thing to avoid if you can is personalisation as this takes the job to a whole new level. Rather than being able to produce the items in a mass bulk process each one has to be uniquely dealt with. This slows everything down and can add a lot to each job. Obviously for clubs names can be very important but just be sure to keep in mind the added cost of personalisation.

Value added services.

There are other trade services that we can offer including relabelling, repackaging and tagging. Relabelling can really help to add extra perceived value to your bulk ordering. We can remove the manufacturers labels and replace with your own. We offer both printed and woven labels and can relabel any number of garments. We can make specific bags and add either plastic or paper tags. All these services can be done for a very small fee per garment yet in terms of retail potential they make a huge difference. We can even custom make garments so you can choose the fabric, colour, trim, finish and embelishment and starting from as little as 100 pieces bespoke items really can be a reality.

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Help! I need a T-shirt printed like yesterday. Can you help?

Sure we can help. If you place your order before 3:00pm today, and select our priority service during checkout, which costs just a flat £5.00, your order will jump to the top of the list. We will then dispatch your order the following working day via a next day delivery service.

Not quick enough?

Don't delay, call us on our freephone number 08000 278660. We can often turn orders around within 24 hours if you really need us to. We will help if we can so just pick up the phone and call us!

Bulk ordering & quantity discounts for everyone!

We don't just do one offs. We work with schools, colleges, universities, clubs, charities and businesses to help with orders of just about any size. If you need help with putting together a bunch of leavers hoodies or workwear then just give our UK based customer service team a call and let us take the leg work out of it for you.

All our advertised prices include standard delivery for free.

That's right, the prices you see on our site include free delivery within the UK, along with a text print in one position. There are no setup costs, artwork charges or hidden costs.