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How do I create my own personalised T-shirt, garment or accessory?

It's incredibly easy to create stunning personalised printed T-shirts and clothing at All you need is a good idea and a spare few minutes to see you through the print your own t-shirt process.

  • Select the blank T-shirt, Hoodie or accessory you would like to print.
  • Use our straight forward and easy to use designer to add your text, upload your logos, photos or just browse our library to use something from one of our designers.
  • Select additional sizes and colours if you are ordering for your party, club or team.
  • Checkout using either a debit/credit card or your PayPal account.

Did you know you can even have your text stitched in embroidery on our site?

Recent news, products and articles from the team.
11th October 2011.
New site design and loads of ready made products added.
We thought it was about time we gave the site a bit of a face lift so we've been working hard on making this a little nicer to look at. But, it's not all nice pictures and the like, we've introduced a far better menu navigation system, improved the checkout process and generally fixed a few niggling bugs.
On top of this we have added a stack load of ready made products to the site so you don't even need to worry about designing your own. We will be adding more each day so be sure to check back regularily and we hope you like the face lift. Take a look at a sample range of Halloween T-shirtsas an example.
3rd February 2011.
We'll pay you upfront right now for your designs - no strings attached .
We've realised that our users are some of the most tallented designers out there so we think it's about time we tapped this amazing resource!. As soon as that great idea pops in to your head, get it down on the old PC or Mac and email it to us. Our design team will take a look and if we can use it (and we should be able to as we know you guys are great designers) we'll add it to our site and pay you £5.00 to your PayPal account - it's really that simple. You could really make a mint from a few hours spent desiging.
Interested? Get more information by clicking here.
5th November 2010.
Introducing Name Art.
We've teamed up with Charis Slade from Name Art to provide her wonderfully unique designs right here on Charis Slade has created a collection of beautiful designs that encoporate a name within the image. From dinosaurs to butterflies, campervans to tractors your little ones will look adorable with a unique Nameart design.
Visit the Name Art shop by clicking here.
28th July 2010.
New Look and new products.
Okay, it may seem like we've been away for a bit but that couldn't be further from the truth. We've been working our little fingers to the bone to update the look of the site, standardise the product range and iron out some of those little niggles! We took feedback from a host of customers and friends from our FaceBook site and we think the new look is pretty fantastic. We've added some new product sections and increased our offering in the key styles. We've also focused our product range on items that have a lot of the same styles so it's now easier to find a chidrens T-shirt, Mens T-shirt and Lady-Fit T-shirt (for example) all in the same colour.
28th April 2010.
Meet Lindsay.
To add a little bit of spice and to make it easier to get to grips with exactly what we do here at printmeashirt we've added some movie animation to the home page. When you next get a chance, head off over to the home page and take a quick listen to Lindsay. She will tell you everything you need to know about making great t-shirts, hoodies and gifts on
13th April 2010.
Live chat added to the site.
Someone once said, "it's good to talk", we certainly believe this as well so we've just added some live chat software to the site. If you get stuck at any point when using the site just click the "Click For Live Help" button at the top of the screen and you can text chat with one of our team totally free.
2nd April 2010.
Designer version 5.0 released.
After many months of hard work and development from the team we're really pleased to announce the release of our latest designer, version 5.0. We've cleaned things up a touch, updated the interface and hopefully made things a little easier. The major change is that when saving your design we now automatically take a picture of what you are seeing in the designer so we can show this to you in your cart and account page making ordering easier.
3rd February 2010.
Become a fan of on Facebook.
Not really news given we've been collecting fans for sometime on our Facebook site but just in case you didn't know or just don't know how to access it, here is a link to our Facebook fan site. Join up and be the first to hear about new products and offers.
1st February 2010.
Blog page added to site (you're reading it).
Here at we are always trying to find ways of keeping our customers up to date with all the comings and goings in our office so we thought a blog page would be a perfect addition to the site. Be sure to check back regularily as we will be adding details of new products when they are launced as well as special offers, news and some very helpful and interesting (we hope) articles concerning what we do and whats around the corner in our industry.

November 2010

13th November 2010.
Cheap Screen Printed Tees for your Business.

Many or our customers wonder just what exactly our T-shirt screen printing equipment does, and how it makes such great-looking images ..... read article.
11th November 2010.
Custom Screen Printed Tees.

No matter what the need for custom screen printed tees may be, I know that can provide exactly the product anyone is looking for. Custom ..... read article.
8th November 2010.
Mens Printed Tees

We understand that mens printed tees can make a great gift. That is why we offer a wide variety of quality tees for any occasion ..... read article.
5th November 2010.
Printed Tees.

Printed Tees are a wonderful way to show someone special that they are appreciated. A colorful, comfortable printed tee with bright, bold graphics ..... read article.

October 2010

25th October 2010.
T-shirt Screen Printing Equipment.

Many or our customers wonder just what exactly our T-shirt screen printing equipment does, and how it makes such great-looking images ..... read article.
23rd October 2010.
Stag T Shirt Printing Options.

Print Me a Shirt is the perfect place to start your search for personalized stag t shirt printing because of the exceptional quality and several options available ..... read article.
22nd October 2010.
Silk Screen T Shirt Printing for Custom Orders.

Although there are different techniques available for printing shirts, I recommend silk screen t shirt printing for many custom orders ..... read article.
5th October 2010.
Custom Print T Shirt.

Your body is your billboard and a custom print t shirt is a simple and cost effective medium to get your message out to the world ..... read article.
2nd October 2010.
One Off T Shirt Printing.

Do you want to stand out in the crowd? Maybe you have that once-in-a-lifetime photo that simply demands to be seen far and wide ..... read article.

September 2010

29th September 2010.
Digital T Shirt Printing.

Digital T Shirt printing is a concept that is quickly becoming popular. Many times we need a high quality digitally printed t shirt fast ..... read article.
25th September 2010.
Customized T Shirt Printing.

Customized t shirt printing is our specialty. We offer customized t shirt printing designed to meet your needs. Whether you’re a business looking ..... read article.
18th September 2010.
Cheap T Shirt Screen Printing.

A T-shirt with screen printing adds a certain charisma to what you are wearing, and with use of high quality materials, you don’t have to sacrifice ..... read article.
5th September 2010.
Bespoke T-shirt Printing.

Giving someone a birthday present, tour shirt or club apparel is much more successful when the item in question doesn't look like it came out of a ..... read article.
5th September 2010.
All Over t Shirt Printing.

In a world where all over body tattoos express the good, bad, and ugly challenges of life the all over printed t shirt feels right at home ..... read article.
3rd September 2010.
Quality Men's Printed T-Shirts.

Selecting the perfect men’s printed t-shirt does not have to be complicated. Our full product catalog is available for you to choose from any of our ..... read article.
2nd September 2010.
We are revolutionsing Screen Printing T Shirts.

We are revolutionising fashion with screen printing t shirts and accessories by allowing you to personalise the items yourself. We believe in encouraging ..... read article.

August 2010

31st August 2010.
Get your creative juices flowing with our On Line T Shirt Printing.

When you have wracked your brains trying to think of the perfect gift for a birthday or other special event, consider a unique gift that the special person will ..... read article.
30th August 2010.
T Shirt Printing Press to the rescue.

As the winter holiday season approaches, we are all racking our brains for new and different gift ideas. Most of us have heard of the ..... read article.
29th August 2010.
A history of T Shirt Printing Design.

Tracing the history of the T shirt can be an interesting exercise. The T shirt evolved from that weird one piece “union suit” that was so ..... read article.
28th August 2010.
Screen Print T Shirts, the basics uncovered.

Whether you need garments for a school function, a get-together or a promotional event, we can make a screen print T-shirt that will satisfy ..... read article.
27th August 2010.
Printing On T Shirts, the definitive guide.

Here's a brief primer on the methods for printing on a t shirt that we use at Print Me A Shirt ..... read article.
26th August 2010.
In a rush? We do very fast t shirt printing.

You’ve found the right place for all of your fast t shirt printing needs. Have you waited until the last minute to look ..... read article.
26th August 2010.
Kids simply love our Screen Printed T Shirts.

If you’re looking for uniforms for your neighborhood kids’ football team, are a unique option. They’ll be different from the usual uniforms ..... read article.
26th August 2010.
3 Reasons To Use Online T Shirt Printing.

Here at Print Me A Shrit we realize you have quite a few options when it comes to fulfilling your needs for custom imprinted t shirts ..... read article.
26th August 2010.
Unleash your digital photos with Photo T Shirt Printing.

The gift possibilities are endless with photo t shirt printing. Friends, family, co-workers, everyone likes a good t shirt ..... read article.
25th August 2010.
Why not Print Your Own T Shirts?

Looking for a personal and inexpensive gift for a friend? Are you a group or club that wants to create a spirit of unity? Perhaps you're organising ..... read article.
24th August 2010.
Saving Money with Cheap Custom T-Shirt Printing.

From newborns to seniors, everyone loves t-shirts. Whether they’re to promote a business or idea, advertise a website or to make a fashion statement, ..... read article.
23rd August 2010.
Make your team the best by printing on t shirts.

School sports teams, bands, and non-profit organisations all benefit from the kind of printing services that we have to offer ..... read article.
21st August 2010.
Stand out from the crowd with our T-shirt Printing Service.

Your favorite t shirt design can be done right on our website. When you have a function that needs a little extra visibility, why not use our ..... read article.
20th August 2010.
Custom T Shirt Screen Printing to advertise your business.

When you’re looking for the perfect way to advertise your business, there’s no better way to send a message than through a custom screen printed t-shirt ..... read article.
18th August 2010.
Get noticed with our Band T Shirt Printing.

Music is a universal language and our band t shirt printing services can help you create the perfect T-shirt to ..... read article.
15th August 2010.
Holiday T Shirt Printing - the perfect gift.

Looking for that perfect holiday gift? You're not alone ..... read article.
10th August 2010.
Screen Printing - Print Your Own T Shirts.

Screen printing is a great way of releasing your creative flair and designing t-shirt motifs and pictures ..... read article.
8th August 2010.
Organise a Charity Challenge - Wholesale T Shirt Printing.

Do some good for a worthy cause this year and feel proud of your efforts. Climb the Three Peaks in aid of your favourite charity ..... read article.
5th August 2010.
Keep Track of the Kids on Days Out - Personalised Kids T Shirts.

Make life easier for yourself and easily identify your children’s group by wearing personalised t shirts when you’re out and about ..... read article.
1st August 2010.
All About Personalised T-Shirt Printing.

Personalised T-shirts are the latest and greatest gifts for any occasion. Buyers simply pick a style of shirt from hoodies, to long sleeve tees ..... read article.

July 2010

27th July 2010.
Why Use Online T Shirt Printing?

As online t shirt printing becomes increasingly popular you need to make sure to choose the best company for your personal needs ..... read article.
21st July 2010.
Wholesale T Shirt Printing on the Increase!

Figures released today in America show that wholesale inventories and sales have risen for the fourth month in a row ..... read article.
17th July 2010.
Stag & Hen Parties need Personalised Wedding T Shirts!

Going to a wedding? If you are, even if it’s not yours, you’re still going to need plenty of personalised wedding t shirts ..... read article.
8th July 2010.
Get Team-Building This Summer in Personalised Polo T Shirts!

Do you need some personalised polo t shirts for your staff team-building day? If you’re not quite sure of exactly what to ..... read article.

June 2010

12th June 2010.
Print Your Own T-shirts with Print Me A Shirt Limited.

A t-shirt is the ultimate foundation to any wardrobe, but have you ever thought to print your own t-shirts? ..... read article.
2nd June 2010.
Personalised Hoodie Printing.

Get whatever you want on your clothing via hoodie printing. Images can be added to products or personalised writing ..... read article.

May 2010

28th May 2010.
Get What You Want On Printed Hoodies.

Printed hoodies are the latest in cutting edge fashion and they add a personal or ..... read article.

April 2010

1st April 2010.
T-Shirt Printing for Stag and Hen Weekends.

A lasting reminder of your final days of freedom – order t-shirt printing for your stag or hen weekend..... read article.

March 2010

1st March 2010.
T-Shirt Printing – Design Your Own.

Let your imagination run wild when you manage your own t-shirt printing design..... read article.

February 2010

1st February 2010.
T-Shirt Printing and More.

From T-shirt printing to mugs and mousemats, you can personalise just about anything.... read article.

February 2011

3rd February 2011.
Turn your t-shirt designs in to money.

Okay, you may think we've gone raving mad but I can assure you we are completely straight about this!.... read article.
11th October 2011.
Get creative this Halloween.

October is upon us! In addition to finding a great costume, visit to create a shirt that.... read article.

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