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How do I create my own personalised T-shirt, garment or accessory?

It's incredibly easy to create stunning personalised printed T-shirts and clothing at All you need is a good idea and a spare few minutes to see you through the print your own t-shirt process.

  • Select the blank T-shirt, Hoodie or accessory you would like to print.
  • Use our straight forward and easy to use designer to add your text, upload your logos, photos or just browse our library to use something from one of our designers.
  • Select additional sizes and colours if you are ordering for your party, club or team.
  • Checkout using either a debit/credit card or your PayPal account.

Did you know you can even have your text stitched in embroidery on our site?

T shirt Screen Printing Equipment
T shirt Screen Printing Equipment.
Many or our customers wonder just what exactly our T-shirt screen printing equipment does, and how it makes such great-looking images. In short, by organising your image into different components, we can create great prints without having to wait very long at all.

First, our online designer lets you create the exact image and text layout you'd like to see on your shirts or other garments. Then, our expert design team takes this image and splits it up into a series of separate copies that represent each colour. Each is printed on clear film as a grayscale, or black and white picture, which is subsequently placed in a large-scale photo replication device to transfer a negative of that image to a framed screen. As you may have guessed, we use a different screen for each colour of ink that needs to be printed. These screens have small holes that allow ink to flow through the areas designated by the negative, and our T-shirt screen printing equipment does the rest with an automated wiper. Heat setting processes then ensure that the prints stay permanently in place.

By using T-shirt screen printing equipment, we at can create large runs of the same image, or small lots. Since the process is largely self-regulated, once we set things up, we can supervise as events take off. T-shirt screen printing equipment creates images where colours don't bleed into each other, and lines look sharp and well-defined. Check out some photos of our T-shirt screen printing equipment and facilities on our Facebook page for a better inside view of the overall process!

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Help! I need a T-shirt printed like yesterday. Can you help?

Sure we can help. If you place your order before 3:00pm today, and select our priority service during checkout, which costs just a flat £5.00, your order will jump to the top of the list. We will then dispatch your order the following working day via a next day delivery service.

Not quick enough?

Don't delay, call us on our freephone number 08000 278660. We can often turn orders around within 24 hours if you really need us to. We will help if we can so just pick up the phone and call us!

Bulk ordering & quantity discounts for everyone!

We don't just do one offs. We work with schools, colleges, universities, clubs, charities and businesses to help with orders of just about any size. If you need help with putting together a bunch of leavers hoodies or workwear then just give our UK based customer service team a call and let us take the leg work out of it for you.

All our advertised prices include standard delivery for free.

That's right, the prices you see on our site include free delivery within the UK, along with a text print in one position. There are no setup costs, artwork charges or hidden costs.