Here's a brief history behind the brand. Teeone Limited started way back in the 90's with the sole aim to provide the very best t-shirt printing services to the widest audience possible. From our humble roots in Oxford supplying just t-shirts we've grown in to a major player in the promotional printing industry and now supply hundreds of corporate clients across the UK. 

Back in 2004 we decided to create a website to bring our corporate skills to the world of joe public and was born. I imagine you are reading this because you need some printing done and want a trade supplier who really knows the meaning of trade. Well, although this is very much a B to C website it is still operated by the same guys and girls as Teeone Limited so all our years of printing experience and excellence go in to every product we make. 
This means that we are well placed to be able to help with all manner of trade enquiries from t-shirt printing to merchandise printing. From small orders for special projects to massive scale printing for some of the UK's biggest events. What makes us stand out from the competition is that we realise trade t-shirt and merchandise printing is not just about the product; it's about ensuring the product is actually delivered when we say it will be, looking like you expect it to look. 

When using a trade printing service there is nothing more frustrating then closing a deal with your client only to get let down by your trade provider. Especially when you can't pass the buck for fear of letting your client know the work is being subcontracted. We know this because in our early days we used trade printing services on a couple of occasions, got let down badly and then vowed if we offered the service it would be done properly. 

So for peace of mind, total client confidentiality and a service and product line that allows you to position product directly to your client give the trade printing specialists a call today. Call our team on 01793 881333 to discuss how we can help you deliver the trade service you need. And remember we don't just do t-shirt printing our product line is huge and encompasses way more than just t-shirts and garments so for things like mugs, umbrellas, pens, badges, key rings, wrist bands, flags, posters, graphics and pretty much anything else you can think of.  When you need trade, don't call fred in a shed, call the experts, call Teeone Limited.